Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Here is The Optimums Prime Number Powerpoint

Optimus prime number
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Both The Powerpoint and The Worksheet is Free To Download Below


Gary said...

I really appreciate your "burn the textbook" approach. If only I had had a teacher like you when I was young! As a "math phobe," who somehow got through high school with only one math class (9th grade Algebra) and likewise at college (Algebra 101), I've felt deficient my entire life. Regardless, when I was in my 40's (20+ years ago) I became fascinated with the prime number sequence and conducted 1000's of experiments trying to understand them using basic arithmetic. I've published my results on-line ( No doubt my math nomenclature is less than pristine, and I have probably reinvented a few wheels, but, regardless, my self-styled adventures in "lower mathematics" have been extremely rewarding. If I can do what I've done with no formal training, just imagine what those of you with "proper" schooling can accomplish!

Jeremiah said...

Gary, very cool! I'm forwarding the website to some friends of mine who too have a obsession with Primes. Thanks for sharing!

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