Wednesday, May 18, 2011

How Much Does A Speeding Ticket Really Cost

Students often find little use for their equations. Here is an equation that has some more applicability. What is the true costs of a speeding ticket.

It's easy to estimate the initial costs of a ticket by paying the fine, but it takes some math to tell the true costs  of a ticket

Let the total costs of the ticket be represented by the letter C
Let the costs of the actual ticket be represented by the letter T
Let the anual costs of increased insurance be represented by the letters IC
Let the years be represented by ht e letter t

C = T + IC(t)

John gets a ticket for speeding in a school zone. The ticket itself is $110.00. John calls his insurance to notify them and upon doing so figures out that his monthly insurance plan has been raised by $23. What is the total costs of the ticket over the next 10 years?

T= 110
IC = 23 * 12 = 276
t = 10

C = 110 + 276(10)

C = $2,870


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