Saturday, September 29, 2012

Math Using Speedometers

Speed has vast appeal to our students. It embodies risk, excitement, prowess and fun. Speedometers, a basic speed meter that displays instantaneous speed, also offers many applications for educators to teach math. Here are just a few…

Basic Addition & Subtraction while reading meters:
The speed limit for highway 95 is                         Your vehicle is traveling at

What is the difference between the two speeds?
Integer Addition:

Using the same question above, state the difference between the two speeds as a positive integer if speeding and a negative integer if below the speed limit (or vice versa if you would like)
Percentage Above or Below:

--Using the difference in the posted speed and the actual speed, calculate the percentage of difference.
--Using the percentage difference and the posted speed, calculate the actual speed
Elementary Hypothesis Testing:
Based on the error rates of speedometers, what is the likelihood that the car traveling 1 mph over the speed limit is actually speeding?


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