Monday, November 26, 2012

Math O’clock

Whether you’re teaching addition, subtraction, multiplication, division or algebra, nothing is better on a Monday morning than getting your kids out of their seat to do math problems. I call this game Math O’clock.


Step 1: Have 12 students form a circle like a clock with each student representing an hour, like so.

Step 2: Have the rest of the class form a line

Step 3: Using index cards with pre-chosen problems that yield answers between (0,12], hand each student in line a problem in the index card for them to solve.

Step 4: Students must demonstrate their solution by lying on the ground inside the circle-clock using their feet as the hour hand and their arms as the minute hand to demonstrate the solution to their index card, like so.

Step 5: Make sure you have a rotation schedule so that all your students get to play.


johnpeterjohn said...

keep up your good work..
cool math 4 kids

Jeremiah Dyke said...

Thanks John!

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