Saturday, October 18, 2014

Proportionality & Grasshoppers

Proportionality & Grasshoppers


What would it mean if students could jump proportionally as far grasshoppers? To find out, I brought in some grasshoppers.


First we measured the length of two grasshoppers to be approximately 1 inch. Next, we measured the distance of three jumps (in inches) from two grasshoppers I found in my backyard and took the average of all three jumps for an average of 43 inches.


Next, we measured the height of two students in inches and took the average for a result of 62 inches.


Finally we formed the proportion


1/43 = 62/x


x = 2,666 inches which is roughly 74 yards.
In essence, if students could jump proportional to grasshoppers we could nearly jump 3/4 of a football field.



Elisa said...

Love it. Hopefully when I get to proportions, we can find some grasshoppers!

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