Saturday, December 13, 2014

Building a Wheelchair Ramp Model With Slope 1/12


Building a Wheelchair Ramp Model With Slope 1/12

The scenario was the following.
Grandma wanted to come see her grandson play high school football but the bleachers were not wheelchair accessible. The students were asked to build a model wheelchair ramp that was accessible to the top bleacher while also staying within ADAs (Americans With Disabilities) building code—the slope must be exactly 1/12 throughout the ramp.
The students were giving the following model conversion scale

5 yards = 1 inch.

Using this, they modeled a 120 x 50 yards football field into a 24’’ x 10’’ football field.
Next, using the bleachers my six year old son built for them, they measured the height at 2’’.
Using the 1/12 slope, they built a 24’’ incline wheelchair ramp.
Then converted these scaled numbers to real life. 5 yards = 1 inch. Meaning a 2’’ height = 10 yards of actual height and 24’’ ramp = 120 yards.


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