Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Teaching Percentage Change


Anonymous said...

The students will love this one. We'll have to go outside to do our "dashing."

Anonymous said...

I am trying this with my students tomorrow. Thanks for the great idea!

Jeremiah said...

Awesome! Take some pics

Paula Garcia said...

The lesson went really well. My students got more out of it than me just giving them an equation. I of course had my camera all ready to take pictures but I forgot.
How did you measure your students time? I stood with a stopwatch and had a couple kids run at a time.
The only problem I had was with a few kids throwing limes in the class. However, removing them from the fun had an impact on their behavior.
I'm a student teacher who didn't get to this class until after a month into school. I am failing at many things but I am learning a lot. Today I learned that my students (most of them) can have fun, act appropriately, and learn something.

Jeremiah said...

I used a stop watch also.

Kudos to you for trying something new (especially given that your a student-teacher)! So many educators stay within their walls and worksheets in order to feel safe. Keep rocking!

Author said...

Thanks for the post..

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Rebecca Gosnell said...

I found you by Googling "teaching percent change." So excited to use this in my classroom!! My 7th graders will love it!

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