Tuesday, October 5, 2010

John Nashing Your Classroom Windows

If you have never seen the movie "a Beautiful Mind" or read the bio the movie was based off of, i suggest you remedy that. It's very good! In the movie you can see the mind of the genius working at his window

Switch up the routine a little and use your classroom windows for math. All you need are some markers

And some problems (notice i tried to block the sun shining through your window with paper in order to take the pic)


Kermit Rose said...

On the question of machine calculation versus algebraic hand calculation:

One person posting to a number theory Yahoo group had convinced himself that
the quadratic expression
y**2 + 5 x y + 5 x**2 produced only primes,
provided x and y were relatively prime.

If this poster had worked with quadratic forms theory he would have realized immediately how to construct composite numbers fitting the quadratic form.

Kermit Rose

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