Saturday, October 16, 2010

Playing Quadrilateral's With Isometricdots. This Game Rocks! (Now With Workbook)

If you need to teach your students the differences between quadrilateral's here is an awesome game that they probably already know how to play. Most students have used isomerticdot paper (click here) to play squares (The game where you draw lines till one person forms a square and then label it their square). Why not use the same concept to play quadrilateral's?

The point of the game is to continue to connect dots with lines until a quadrilateral is formed, see below. After a quadrilateral is formed have the students label it and they get the points. Whoever has the most shapes at the end wins

This Game Is Available In Download or Workbook
Click here

Isometric Dot Workbook: Games For Teaching Polygons


Anonymous said...

Thanks You , This site really helped me with my maths homework !! And the game idea is amazing :)

Anonymous said...

I tried this game with my mum and beat her , YES ! haha Thank you

Jeremiah said...

Go You! Keep rocking in academics.

Eric Nay said...

Great stuff. Thanks!

Jeremiah said...

Thanks Eric

Anonymous said...

Its decent... I guess. I have a project thats due tomorrow and it didnt even give me the easiest things!!!

Jeremiah said...

Thanks for the feedback. I've started revising the game with more directions and more shapes, but what type of "easiest things" were you looking for?

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