Sunday, April 10, 2011

Is It Standardized Test Time Again? Formula Sheet Help

At this stage in the year educators begin preparing their students for Standardized Tests (and if your schools are like most, your job, raise, promotion, may be on the line).  

Though I'm sure we all have our opinions as to the merits of this system, nevertheless. Hands on Math is here to help :)

First things first! We need to create some buzz for the formula sheets! 

Our formula sheet, what we wanted our students to remember and write down before they began the test, looked like the following

Now, this is slightly too much for one sitting of memorization, thus it was proposed by my old colleagues to break it up in quadrants. Like so...

Not bad, but we can do more. We want students to know something goes somewhere but  where?

I suppose we remedy this with the use of tetris pieces

Are New Formula Sheet looks Like The Following

Now Students can remember shapes to remember where something goes. I will be posting some awesome ways to get your students "pumped-up" for your standardized test as we get closer to May. 


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