Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Simplifying Radical via Hangman

To simplify the radical by choosing the perfect square and the non perfect square before the radical is hung

The Bonus Question could be to write the two square roots in  final form where the perfect square is written without the radical 


Ginger said...

I have just stumbled upon your wonderful blog. I am not exactly following the rules of this game. Can you elaborate a little more on the instructions/rules of play? Thanks! You have a great blog...lucky kiddos in your class.

Jeremiah Dyke said...

Hi Ginger, the goal is to simplify a radical such as sqrt(20). Normally the need for such simplification presents itself in the study algebra I, Algebra II.

When simplifying, we always look for a perfect square that can be factored out of the sqrt(20). In this case, sqrt(4) is the perfect square leaving you with

sqrt(4) sqrt(5) or
2 sqrt(5)

The goal of the game is to first practice picking out perfect squares by playing hangman. If a student chooses the wrong perfect square they get penalized. Once the right perfect square is chosen, they need to choose the other square root factor until they form the simplified version of sqrt(20) or they hang man.

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