Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Variation Of "Bowling For Facts" Integers Addition

I love the creativity of elementary teachers! One notable project I found was First Grader At Last 

I will reproduce their idea below and then show you a variation of how it could be used for teaching higher level math.

Here is a recap of their project

From First Grader...At Last

Today during math stations, the kids went bowling for addition facts...without the real pins and bowling balls, but still pretty fun! This is a partner game, and each player gets a bowling mat and a handful of colorful chips (I call them mini bowling balls). The players take turns rolling 2 dice, then adding the sums of the numbers rolled. When one of the players rolls a number found on one of their pins, they "knock over" that pin with a chip. The first player to have all pins knocked over wins the game! “

Here is a variation of the game that would allow you to teach adding and subtracting integers.

Using red and white dice (red =negative numbers, white = positive numbers)

The new bowling mat would look something like

New Bowling Answer Sheet For Integers


Roll Both Dice
Red = 5
White = 2

-5 + 2 = -3


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