Sunday, August 29, 2010

The Human Clock OR The Human x-y Coordinate

The clock would be great for teaching young people how to tell time, but why stop there. Why not create a human x-y coordinate system

Playground Math

Why should other subjects recieve a monopoly on fieldtrips? Take your students to the playground outside your school or within the nearest park and teach them math

Your local playground offers so much in terms of teaching mathematics. It simply takes some thought. Some examples,

The Slide:
  • Calculate the slope of the slide by using tape to plot x/y corrdinates.
  • Notice the triangle that is formed beneath the slide, calcualte the area that is formed
  • calculate side of the right triangle using c^2 = a^2 + b^2.
  • Have students make their own playground on construction paper out of only triangles
  • find a polynominal that expresses the slide and calculate the distance traveled down the slite after t seconds
  • What type of line is the slide, linear, so what is its highest exponent? Is the slope positive or negative?
  • The slide itself is a rectangle, calculate the area and perimeter or calculate how many sudents could fit into the slide at one time----> try it (be careful of course)
And more, use the swing or the rope or the tires as you manipulatives.