About This Site and Contact Information

About The Site: Hands on Math is a place to share creative ways to teach mathematics. The majority of the content within these pages could be labeled pre-algebra. However, the concepts shown could easily be tweaked to employ teaching higher level math. Hands on Math claims no copyrights to the materials listed on these pages, the content may be copied, printed and sold by anyone who wishes to spread math ideas. It is our hopes that you will credit our site and its author Jeremiah Dyke but it is much more important that the ideas be implemented and promoted.

Long Term Goal: A new mathematics classroom that looks like a Toys “R” Us store, stockpiling nothing
but educational toys and games.

Short Term Goals: Substituting lectures with hands on math lessons that still teach the material needed for state tests but lighten up the classroom with fun.

Eventually: We will host a full youtube site with videos and a myspace site to network. You can also join our Facebook page that i will eventually network to the site.

Your Ideas: Please send me your ideas, i will post them under your name and you may retain the rights to them if you would like. It would be great to share as much as possible

Questions or Complaints About Our Site Content or How To Advertise On Our Page? Contact Jeremiah at handonmath@gmail.com  or jeremiahdyke@gmail.com