Saturday, August 20, 2011

Geometric Angles & Putt Putt (Math Field Trips)

Why can't we have more math fieldtirps! Kick off the new year by requesting a field trip to learn angles! And what better place to earn various angles than a putt putt corse

(Mini Golf With My Son)


Vivi Rrr said...

I suppose a low-budget option would be to make your own course, or have the kids design their own (with challenges such as "make a course using these materials that would be most likely/least likely to yield a hole in one/birdie, etc"), perhaps using string to pre-measure and predict the course of the ball.

I thought another option would be mini-billiards, but that's probably illegal because it's played by guys in bow-ties on TV.

Rods and marbles on desk-courses could also be used as a low budget alternative.

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