Saturday, August 13, 2011

Word Search Math: Another Wonderful Exercise From Mathwise

Mathwise offers some great exercises. This particular exercise involves a number grid and your choice of addition, multiplication, subtraction or division used with an equal symbol

Simply create, or print off, a number grid and give your students the rules of play

In the exercise below, the students may only use the multiplication symbol and the equal symbol

The students search for numbers that could be multiplied. Next they add the “X” and the “=” symbol and circle.


Anonymous said...

Great activity. Thanks for sharing!

Elaina @

In Tray Exercises said...

As a teacher this is a great kind of a play school. You enjoy and have fun at the same time learn about math. Really for kids. Nice!

Unknown said...

Where can I find this activity?

Unknown said...

Where can I find this activity?

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