Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Creating A Math Clock (Indirect Homework)

Is it just me or can students no longer read the traditional clocks on the wall with hands?   I remember being asked what time it is, pointing to the clock in the back of the classroom, and being told “I can't read that clock, can you look on your computer"? 

Nonetheless, this next exercise is to build a mathematical clock. 

The awesome guys at Think Geek (i want the whole store!) were awesome enough to send me this cool math clock that i have on my wall in my office. 

The concept is both nerdy and genius for teaching math! By placing these math-problems on a clock, it becomes somewhat more challenging for anyone to figure out what time it is. 


Think about it, if you have your students make a clock to hang on the wall in their room, using knowledge they will be tested on throughout the year, you have created what i call "indirect homework". Every time a student wants to know what time it is, they need to do some math :)

How do you do it? 

1)You can either take the expensive route and have your students buy clock making devices (about $6.00 each) at your local Walmart (or order them online and collect money to cover the costs) 


2) You can simply build a face cover for a clock by cutting out a circle with a whole in the middle and a slit down the paper using the sites here and here.

Be sure to send me some pics ;)


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