Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Icebreaker: Advice For The First Year Teacher


Vivi Rrr said...

You are very inspiring, I love your ideas. Thanks so much for going through the trouble of sharing. I'm hoping to become a fun teacher as well, but THIS is not what they teach us (they=material, professors, mentors, and readings). I will be following you now, through RSS.

Jeremiah Dyke said...

Thanks so much! The simple fact that you know there's something wrong with the way they 'teach you how to teach' is awesome! Kudos to you! Let me know if there's anything i can do

Vivi Rrr said...

OK, I hope this isn't too confusing, but: the way *they* teach me to teach is already better than the way I was taught (we are encouraged to teach in meaningful ways, I just do not think many people know how exactly to do that yet–you do). Students who thrived on textbook math are the ones who developed a passion/like for it, and those are the ones who go on to college to study it further, and perhaps go on to teach kids. It's a cycle which only works for certain students... and leaves a lot of them behind. But I believe we can so something about it! There *is* something you can do: keep doing it. =)

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