Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Hiring Your Students As FBI Agents (Cool Way to Teach Area and Circumference of Circles)

Let face it, circles are just not that exciting for math students, especially the area and circumference of circles. 

Let’s change this...

First, hire all your students as FBI agents

Next, they must begin working immediately, as there’s an emergency. Somewhere in the school (you may use town if you would like) is a bomb with a blast radius of 500 feet!

Our job is twofold: We need to know how far back the citizens need to stand to insure their safety (circumference of a circle). Second we need to know what type of damage we are looking at (area of circle).

Now, have them imagine if they were faced with job calculating such information of a nuclear weapon with a blast radius of  plus or minus a mile (Good reference sites for blast radius here and here)


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